Charities, Sponsors & Services:

Without the inspiration and staggering generosity of the following people, this event would be far more boring for everybody and way less awesome for Doctors Without Borders. Thank you! <3

Every idiotic thing we do is to help MSF / Doctors Without Borders.

Our longest running sponsor. Wonderful people who create awesome stuff.

An awesome service that does way more than we could ever use it for.

An awesome dude who buys us lots of stuff to give away.

A cool chick with a big heart and a razor wit.

T-shirt nostalgia overload.

Providing us with posters and flyers like whoa.

Your one-stop dork shop.

Lots of great old games.

Coloring books, playing cards, t-shirts and other dork necessities.

Peripherals to play your old stuff on new stuff.

Linux-based open-source portable gaming console.

Not a sponsor, they just send us a bunch of cool stuff to give away.